Areal Böhler

Igedo Home Base in Düsseldorf

This 100 year old site producing and processing steel between 1915 and 1993 nowadays boasts an unusual and unique atmosphere. The impressive industrial backdrop featuring indoor crane, boilerhouse, concrete pillars and hefty steel girders offers the ideal setting for various Igedo events such as the Gallery and Gallery SHOES.

Since its continued growth and expansion starting in July 2012, Areal Böhler has now matured into one of Germany’s unique, highly authentic venues exuding contemporary industrial charm.

Impressions of Areal Böhler

In the ›ALTE SCHMIEDEHALLEN‹, ›KALTSTAHLHALLE‹, ›ALTES KESSELHAUS‹, ›HALLE AM WASSERTURM‹, ›ALTE FEDERNFABRIK‹, ›GLÜHOFENHALLE‹ buildings as well as the ›BLANKSTAHLHALLE‹, ›ROHSTAHLHALLE‹ and ›EDELSTAHLHALLE‹ event halls specially set up here fashion, shoes and accessories can be perfectly staged in tune with today’s needs and reflecting the current zeitgeist.

Alte Schmiedehalle, Areal Böhler

Keyfacts Areal Böhler

  • Igedo events: Gallery and Gallery SHOES
  • Parking: 500 spaces available on site
  • Public transport links: reachable on the Rheinbahn lines U70, U74, U76 (alight at Lörick)
  • Motorway: A52, Büderich interchange
  • Address: Hansaallee 321, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany