Strong partners at our side

Areal Böhler

It was not just due to the industrial charm of Areal Böhler, whose legal owner is voestalpine Edelstahl Deutschland GmbH, that it was selected by the Igedo in 2015 as the homebase of its trade shows. Rather, it is also the great staff at Areal Böhler who make such intense and successful cooperation possible in the first place. After all, an impressive four of our trade shows are held at Areal Böhler per year.

HS Designwerk GmbH

Already before the founding of our still young company we worked successfully with those in charge here for many years. Today the partnership is so close that the Igedo has rented its premises in the same office building as HS Designwerk. Even larger and more complex stand construction demands are no problem for HS Designwerk.

Becker Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH

The perfect light and the right sound is delivered by our partner BEVT for each of our events. All halls are fully equipped with event technology. Several thousand lamps, dozens of traverses and countless kilometers of cable are used. BEVT ensures that everything works perfectly both during construction and during the event - from power generation over trusses required for the stand up to the technology for the catwalk - the right appearance is always guaranteed.

Falk Baumeister Eventservice GmbH

In Mr Baumeister and his team we have found a partner who perfectly implements virtually any idea of our sales team, regardless of how complex it might be. It is impressive every single time the mighty marquee constructions are erected at Areal Böhler with such great precision and seemingly consummate ease. It is only thanks to these that we are able to meet our exhibitors’ extensive space requirements.

Broich Premium Catering GmbH

Culinary satisfaction is of the greatest importance especially at fashion and shoe trade shows so in our sector we are in fact all rather spoilt. However, a motivated and ever friendly team, even during the hectic rush of trade shows, is not self-evident, except when it comes to Broich Premium Catering. Our mouths water at the thought of the carefully created dishes to be served at our next trade shows.

Tafel mit Kollegen

Surround yourself with experts and then everyone will contribute their best to the project as a whole; this is precisely the smart idea underlying our advertising and graphic design agency “TAFELmitKOLLEGEN”. Initially tried out at the small, local squash club by chairman Philipp Kronen, the cooperation has now been successfully transposed onto our demanding and fast-moving fashion industry. Apart from their graphic design know-how we attach great importance to technical expertise ensuring technical implementation of the ideas runs smoothly.

HiMedia Deutschland AG

A chance meeting in an elevator brought us the ideal partner for our digital appearance – HiMedia. We are always delighted how quickly and technically perfect our digital solution requirements are implemented. This makes for fun, appealing websites offering our customers high added value and benefits, not least in view of key data protection considerations.

et solution GmbH

Thanks to the expert system upgrade in each of the halls our customers can rely on a dependable network in the truest sense of the word. Only in this way it is possible to transmit key orders direct to the relevant computer. A pivotal point for the success of our trade shows. Enrico Tischendorf is a real master when it comes to installations of this kind and he comes up to mark here even for complex requirements.

Partnerschaft HNJP Steuerberater

Nowadays tidy bookkeeping and accounting are indispensable. At the same time, the topic areas involved are becoming ever more complex and varied. For this reason, we are very, very happy, all those years ago, to have found an extremely reliable partner who is as familiar with commercial and tax law as with the organisation and implementation of fashion and shoe fashion trade shows.

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

Without a shadow of a doubt since its founding back then as NOWEA in 1938 Messe Düsseldorf has made a very considerable contribution to the well-being and growth of the City of Düsseldorf. Today, with its over 25 leading trade shows, it attracts several hundred thousand visitors to our lovely city on the Rhine every year. What is more, Messe Düsseldorf has for almost 25 years been a key shareholder in the Igedo Company with whom we have, during this time, shared a relationship based very much on partnership.

AMD Akademie Mode & Design

“For many years, the Igedo Company has been supporting a young person’s studies at the AMD International Business School by sponsoring a scholarship in Germany. Through this active contribution we want to ensure that, in the future, qualified and highly motivated young people will want to work in our exciting industry and that they will be successful in it. Moreover, we also want to pay tribute to AMD's work as a whole, as we receive requests for support and sponsorship from many different sides.”